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At Caktus Agency, design is the cornerstone of our identity; it courses through our very DNA. Our journey began as a graphic design agency, and while we have since evolved into a full-service marketing provider, the essence of good design remains at the core of our work. Our passion for creative and innovative design burns just as brightly today as it did two decades ago.

Design, in its standalone form, often revolves around crafting individual components, be it a logo, brand identity, exhibition displays, websites, social media assets, or even the humble business card.

Yet, the power of good design extends far beyond aesthetics. It empowers brands to connect with potential customers in a manner that inspires them to make a purchase, select a service, or transform their behaviour.


At its essence, design serves as the visual manifestation of a brand. The meticulous deliberation that goes into crafting the structure of each element frequently stands as the differentiating factor between triumph and setback. Consider website design, for instance. The strategic placement of call-to-action buttons is critical to the site's overall effectiveness. Similarly, ensuring that a client's logo on an exhibition stand is prominently displayed and easily discernible to event attendees is of paramount importance.

Design breathes life into a brand, and we excel in accomplishing this for our clients through an array of distinctive approaches.  These include:


Brand designs

These are the fundamental components that shape a brand's visual identity. They encompass logo design, color schemes, fonts and typefaces, the crafting and placement of graphics on a page, and the strategic utilization of imagery. Thoughtful attention to each of these individual elements is essential for cultivating the character and uniformity of a brand in the perception of consumers..


Web design

When crafting the visual aesthetics of a website or app, a delicate equilibrium between creativity and functionality is always at play, guided by the client's objectives. Striking this balance effectively hinges on our grasp of user experience and user interface principles, ultimately shaping our ability to deliver optimal outcomes


The significance of print design remains steadfast, even in today's evolving landscape. Although print volumes may have diminished, the array of technologies and opportunities accessible to clients has expanded considerably. Consequently, our designers must not only possess creativity but also be well-versed in the diverse possibilities, enabling them to provide guidance to clients in making informed decisions.



Packaging necessitates a harmonious blend of imaginative design and robust durability. Its role extends beyond safeguarding products during transportation; it must also command attention when displayed on store shelves.

Our track record in designing packaging spans a wide spectrum of sectors, including pet food, designer kitchen utensils, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Through our expertise, we've not only ensured product protection but also driven substantial sales growth for countless businesses.

Creative design

Whether a campaign demands a single-page advertisement or a sequence of animated GIFs, advertising design must not only align with a brand's directives but also drive conversions. Additionally, it involves interpreting the creative theme, encompassing several essential considerations. From B2B advertising initiatives to prominent consumer brands, we have successfully delivered a myriad of influential advertisements. 


Effective design holds the potential to significantly impact a business's success, especially in today's competitive marketplace, where everyone vies for attention and strives to distinguish themselves. Design embodies a business's essence, evoking emotions and shaping its reputation.

Hence, it is imperative to collaborate with an agency that comprehends every facet of design, as this can be the pivotal factor between the triumph and failure of any creative or marketing endeavor. With over two decades of experience, we have consistently delivered attention-grabbing designs, instilling confidence in our clients that our campaigns will yield results, regardless of the medium.

For standout creative designs, contact our team today.

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