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E-commerce, in all its forms, continues its relentless expansion, with the UK standing at the forefront as Europe's most advanced e-commerce market. Projections for 2022 anticipated nearly 60 million e-commerce users in the UK, leaving only a minority who do not engage in online shopping.

Internet retail experienced a remarkable surge, recording a 47% growth in 2020 alone. While the pandemic expedited this growth, online sales are poised for a consistent upward trajectory across all sectors in the years to come.

For businesses, this underscores the absolute necessity of a user-friendly, highly functional e-commerce platform as an indispensable ingredient for growth and success

Website setup on laptop

Even more so than a traditional website, an e-commerce site should serve as a magnet for customers, boasting an inviting aesthetic and seamless functionality. Much like a captivating high street storefront, an e-commerce website serves as a virtual shop window. Its primary role is to entice customers, guide them to easily locate their desired products, and facilitate smooth transactions.

Any disruption in the operations of an e-commerce site can result in significant losses, akin to unexpectedly closing a physical store in the middle of the day. Hence, it is imperative that an online store is meticulously constructed and vigilantly maintained.

As a comprehensive digital agency, we leverage our collective expertise in design, marketing, and development to craft a thriving e-commerce site. Our process encompasses developing a comprehensive brief based on consumer and competitor analysis, creating a wireframe, crafting visually stunning design, handling hosting, and ensuring ongoing management.

We possess the capability to build an e-commerce site from the ground up or seamlessly integrate an e-commerce platform into an existing website. The pivotal objective is to ensure seamless integration with other back-office sales and fulfilment processes.

When it comes to e-commerce sites, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify the most suitable solution, tailored to the unique needs of their business.

  1. Bespoke Build: Crafting a tailor-made e-commerce site to align with a business's unique processes.

  2. Popular Platforms: Utilizing established platforms like Shopify.

  3. Plugins for Existing Websites: Integrating e-commerce functionality into pre-existing websites, such as WooCommerce.

  4. Mobile Adaptation: Ensuring site functionality on mobile devices.

  5. E-commerce App Development: Creating dedicated e-commerce applications.

While designing a beautiful and user-friendly site is crucial, it's only one facet of the equation. Equally vital is ensuring that customers can easily discover the site. We offer comprehensive support for various traffic-generating activities, including SEO enhancements, paid social advertising, and review campaigns.

Additionally, we possess expertise in navigating the complexities of international trade, providing valuable guidance in this intricate domain.


The advantages of e-commerce sites for both B2C and B2B businesses are self-evident, but it constitutes a substantial investment that should yield returns in the form of increased sales. The blueprint for a thriving online store necessitates not only technical proficiency in its construction but also a deep understanding of how to effectively market and promote it to the right audience.

Our wealth of skills and extensive experience empowers us to craft outstanding e-commerce sites that deliver tangible results, sites that our clients take pride in.

For further information about our e-commerce services, please reach out via the provided form below.

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