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Web Development

In today's world, there are over 4.6 billion internet users, with a staggering 92.6% of them accessing the web through their mobile devices. Given these compelling statistics, it's clear that most businesses already recognize the significance of having a website.

However, merely having a website is merely the starting point. To make it a valuable and worthwhile investment, your website must possess essential attributes. It should be a safe and secure digital space, undergo regular updates, offer user-friendly navigation, be optimized for search engines, and host compelling, informative content.

Without these vital elements, your website risks getting lost in the vast digital landscape, remaining unnoticed by both search engines and potential customers, rendering your investment futile.

Website opened on smartphone

In today's digital landscape, boasting over 4.6 billion internet users worldwide, a staggering 92.6% of whom browse the web via mobile devices, the value of a business having a website is undeniable.

However, having a website is just the initial step. To maximize its potential as a valuable investment, your website must possess several crucial attributes. It should be a safe and secure digital space, receive regular updates, offer user-friendly navigation, be optimized for search engines, and be a repository of engaging and informative content. Failing to meet these criteria means your website may go unnoticed by search engines, and as a result, potential customers may never find your digital storefront.

In a variety of forms, websites serve as vital platforms for different businesses. From simple template-based sites to more intricate, custom-built sites integrated with third-party applications or e-commerce functionalities, there is a web solution for every need. Regardless of the size or shape, any business lacking a well-designed and well-maintained website may be losing valuable ground to their competitors.

Given the internet's pervasive role in daily life, where people turn to it for almost any need, businesses without a website presence featuring essential features such as 'buy online,' 'book online,' 'enquire now,' or 'get your free quote' are undoubtedly missing out.

While social media pages serve their purposes, they are not suitable replacements for a dedicated website. They lack the same search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, credibility, and control or ownership that a business's website offers. A well-developed website bolsters a business's credibility, enhances its visibility, and significantly improves lead generation. However, achieving these benefits requires expert design and development. Potential customers will quickly abandon a poorly designed or outdated website.

At Caktus Agency, website development stands as one of our core services. Over the years, we have crafted websites for a diverse clientele, ranging from national and global corporations to membership organizations, charities, sole traders, SMEs, and more. Our experience spans across various sectors, including emergency services, consumer technology, professional services, retail, and healthcare.

Irrespective of business size or sector, our website development process follows a consistent path. It commences with an in-depth consultation with the client, creating a detailed project brief outlining the site's objectives and goals. Subsequently, we conduct comprehensive research encompassing the sector, competitive analysis, keyword research, and suitable website options. A critical foundation of successful websites is search engine optimization (SEO), a factor we integrate seamlessly into our designs. Google algorithms consider approximately 200 aspects when ranking websites, emphasizing the importance of aligning website design with these factors for top-tier search engine results.

With this knowledge in hand, we proceed to structure and wireframe development, presenting design and content options, and executing the full website development process, followed by rigorous testing and a successful launch. As a business's digital shop window, a website must authentically reflect branding, vision, and key messaging to entice visitors to make the desired actions. Our in-house experts can support with branding design and fulfil all copywriting requirements.

Our commitment to your website's success extends beyond its launch. Regular maintenance and updates are crucial to ensure your website remains at the top of search engine rankings. EBY provides website hosting, ongoing maintenance, and technical support to guarantee your online presence continues to thrive.


Websites serve as the cornerstone of a successful digital strategy, forming the bedrock upon which all other online activities are built. They stand as a vital investment for businesses across the spectrum, regardless of their size. A well-designed, secure, and user-friendly website is instrumental in delivering the benefits you seek, while a subpar website can quickly become a liability rather than an asset. Therefore, skimping on this crucial aspect is not a cost-effective approach.

Businesses that prioritize building robust websites and ensure their ongoing maintenance will undoubtedly harvest the rewards of this investment. A well-executed website bolsters credibility, enhances visibility, fosters trust among customers, and opens the door to a world of online opportunities.

At Caktus Agency, websites lie at the heart of our expertise, and we have expertly crafted numerous sites in various styles, each tailored to our clients' unique needs. Our commitment is to empower your business with an online presence that drives growth, and we're eager to help you navigate this transformative digital journey. Reach out to us today for further insights and information by either giving us a call or completing the contact form below. Your digital success starts here.

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